Sally VanOrmanSally VanOrman is a Certified Social Worker, former psychiatric nurse and natural childbirth instructor who has worked in mental health, women's health and public health as a medical social worker. She has learned to understand that problems become the place to discover wisdom and love.

She is the owner and operator of The Womyns Rooms, a bed and breakfast for women which opened in 1997. The endeavor was the realization of an old dream stemming from her experiences as a wife and mother. Like many women, she wished there had been a place she could go... a place where she could have a room of her own, a place where she could receive kind encouragement and emerge refreshed, ready to return to the challenges of daily life.

The development of the Womyns Rooms weekend retreats originates in her desire to assist women in their journey to self, to live more fully with less fear and self doubt, and to experience greater contentment. Living everyday life while seeking personal growth is difficult to achieve. A period of reflection and introspection with insightful support and encouragement can be the catalyst and permission needed to embark on a voyage of discovery which, as Marcel Proust remarked, "consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes."